October 2015 – Sports day, visit to Jharkhand and Photo’s for sponsors.



In October 2015 Richard and Tracey travelled to India to continue the development of Stepping Stones India.  Along with the usual birthday celebrations, sports day, village outreach and Community Church events, Richard and Tracey travelled to Jharkhand, the northern state where the majority of our children come from.  Stepping Stones  is hoping to be able to set up a satellite work in this area which will  hopefully include a hostel, a school and a training facillity (possibly agricultural).  Whilst there we visited another NGO woring in the area.  They are doing a great work there although sadly they have been  unable to staff their 80 bed hospital even though funding is available.  It seems the hospital is too far from modern civilisation that no body wants to work there.  If any of you out there fancy a 6 month stint serving in a hospital at the back of beyond, or you know someone who does.. let us know!