Education & Training

Stepping Stones gives a high priority to education and training which we know is a significant advantage to enabling young people that are looking for work. Indian people generally understand the importance of gaining a good education (more so than in the UK). The problem is that there are too few village schools and those that are there are poorly resourced, understaffed and not taking proper care of the students learning. In addition, most rural families are dependent upon subsistence farming to survive. Therefore, many children are needed to help out in the fields or look after small family members while parents go to work. Understandably, education compared to survival then becomes a lesser priority.

Recognising this need, Stepping Stones has been providing college and university bursaries to dozens of young people living in rural East India since 1998 with up to 12 young people per year receiving education and training, many going on to be teachers, social workers, engineers or government workers. In order for a young person to receive a college bursary from us they must commit to regularly giving tuition to the children in their villages. In this way many hundreds of children have received regular tuition.

It is a great blessing for us that some of our graduate students now regularly teach our boys and girls in Bethel and Bethany Homes.


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