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Stepping Stones Ministries - Aims & Objectives:

Stepping Stones Ministries UK is a registered UK charity working in India that is passionate about helping vulnerable children and young people out of poverty.

Did you know that one third of all the world’s poor live in India? And yet, in the UK we are mostly oblivious to the plight of millions of families that struggle daily to survive in a land that is now better known as a developing ‘super power’, boasting more millionaires than any other country on earth. You may ask how this can happen in this day and age? And, that is a difficult question to answer, but the fact is it does. The rich are very rich and the poor are very poor.

Stepping Stones Ministries UK is a Christian organisation and a UK registered charity, established in 2004. Its Founders Richard and Tracey Pashby have been involved in charitable work supporting children and young people in India since 1994. Both Richard and Tracey are qualified Elim Missionaries and long standing members at Scarborough Elim Church in North Yorkshire, England. The charity enjoys close links and support from a number of church groups of all denominations in Scarborough and across the U.K. and the charities trustees are members of different Christian denominations which we value and encourage.

Stepping Stones Ministries UK works in partnership with the registered Non-Government Organisation, Stepping Stones – India, which is based in West Bengal, India. Together we have established 2 children’s homes and various educational and social projects that are benefiting the poor, particularly children and young people, in East India which you will find out more about as you click through the various sections of this website.

The inspiration for all the charities efforts is Jesus Christ. We know Him to be the hope for all nations, including India (Mathew Chapter 12). He is the Good Shepherd that leaves the 99 to rescue the one that was lost (Luke Chapter 15) and he himself said that whatever we do for the least we do for Him. (Mathew Chapter 25).

As a Christian organisation our aim and our challenge is to reflect Jesus’ compassion in all we do and give God all the glory in the process.

Tracey reading Letters from Sponsors
First day at Bethel House for brothers Biswajit and Surdev


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