New Children needing Sponsors

Since Stepping Stones finally received our renewed  FCRA certificate (needed to receive financial support from UK) we have been so happy to be able to accept more children into our homes.  We now have 1 boy and 3 girls who are in need of total sponsorship (£40 per month) and 7 more children who are currently part sponsored so need between £10 and £30 per month to be fully sponsored.  

Some of the stories we have heard when we took these children in are just heart wrenching.  If you, or someone you know would like to sponsor a child, please get in touch as soon as possible. 

Monaj, the smallest boy is in need of a sponsor.

Above, these two brothers joined us from Jhakhand in December 2017, thankfully, the elder brother Dula is now sponsored but his younger brother Monaj is yet to find a sponsor.  Can you help?

Blessings to you all. xx

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