Bethany Girls Home is Open!

Bethany Girls Home - Finally the girls have moved into their new home!

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped to raise all the funds that have been needed to build the new girls home and staff accomodation at our Stepping Stones Centre in West Bengal. So far, since September 2015 more than £67,000 has been raised to purchase land, materials and to pay contruction workers to build a home for up to 40 disadvantaged and vulnerable girls. 

At the moment our 17 girls seem to be 'rattling around' this huge building, but as soon as we are able we will be taking in more girls in need.  So, if you've ever considered sponsoring a girl that is in desperate need today then please prayerfully consider supporting Stepping Stones. It costs us £40 per month to fully care for each child, but you can sponsor one for as little as £10 per month (about the cost of a take away). 

We have just returned from our most recent trip and it was such a joy to take part in the Opening of Bethany (new) Home.  The Landlord and Landlady of the previous rented accomodation also joined us and were actually quite sad that the girls would no longer be in their place.  I felt sorry for their loss but couldnt help being just so happy to open the new home.  The girls celebrated with song and dance, they have grown so much in these skills and it moves your heart to hear their voices blending together so beautifully or to see them dancing in perfect unison.  Oh you should have been there!

As with all building projects, there have been a few additional costs but we are confident that these will be covered in the not too distant future and we are blessed to have an understanding contractor.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.  You are such a blessing!  I might even go so far as to say... we love you!!

If you would like to support the continued furbishment of our new girls home (fans. desks, beds for new girls etc) please feel free to give as much or as little as you like!  Donations can be made direct to the Stepping Stones bank account  at HSBC sort code 40 40 22. Acc no 61606891 or via the PAYPAL button on our support page *(follow the link below) . If you would like to Gift Aid your donation please put GA in your payment reference with your house number and postcode e.g. GA28YO123DT.  Thanks again everyone. 

Do you shop online? Do it through and raise a free donation for Stepping Stones Ministries every time you shop!

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